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UbiBot Hitanemi fyrir SP1, GS1 & GS2 3m

2,210 kr.
Stainless steel material Suitable for extremely hot or cold environment Works with all our IoT devices Ready to use straight from

UbiBot Rakanemi fyrir jarðveg f.GS1, 3m

9,829 kr.
Steel Point Length 80mm Length of Cable 300cm Material ABS Connector Micro USB & Audio Plug Power Supply Range DC

UbiBot Hita- og rakanemi fyrir WS1 Pro

3,860 kr.
Support switch between RH and AH Electrolysis-resistant Pairs our WS1 Pro and GS1 device Accurate, fast data acquisition Stainless steel

UbiBot MS1 hreyfiskynjari WiFi

17,265 kr.
Remote infrared motion sensor, up to 12 meters detection distance Wide detection range: horizontal 105 degrees, vertical 40 degrees Supports